Colombian Mojito Dank Vape

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Colombian Mojito Dank Vape

Colombian Mojito by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank is a refreshing and potent phenotype of the legendary landrace, Colombian Gold. Originally grown in the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia, this “mojito cut” exhibits a tropical terpene profile while offering notes of mint and tart citrus that speak to its namesake. Sourced by Masta Cylinda, this sativa-dominant strain hits the consumer between the eyes, leading into a blissful, stoney mental state that lingers in the body for hours. Enjoy Colombian Mojito to improve mood and help abate stress. Colombian Mojito Dank Vape

Columbian Mojito Cannabis Oil Strain Review
Also known by its alternate spelling “Colombian Mojito”, the cannabis oil available through VapeMeds for the Columbian Mojito is a phenotype of the renowned Colombian Gold strain. This lineage was developed for its tropical terpene profile by the 1st Hawaiian Pakalolo Seed Bank as a tribute to the natural healing properties of the islands.

This one has become well-known for its namesake flavor and subtle, relaxing energy. Almost as good as being in the islands to watch the palm-trees sway, this rarity is a treat for those lucky enough to experience the gentle relief it contains in abundance.

The Essentials of Columbian Mojito
This strain is a Sativa-heavy hybrid with a unique terpene profile. A more accurate break-down of 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, with regard to its genetic primary cannabis varieties, helps to explain why it has both cerebral as well as physical benefits that increase its applicability to a variety of diagnosed conditions.

Columbian Mojito’s active ingredient (ie cannabinoid) content is all THC. A highly consistent strain, the THC percentage is 15%. While this is not as high as some other strains, its terpenes more than make up the difference allowing it to still deliver potent relief.

The flavor and smell are among the reasons it has become such a sought after strain in certain medicinal circles. If you’re someone who delights in their medicine tasting as good as it heals, then this is certainly a concentrate to try right away. The first few notes you’ll notice are tangy/sour, citrusy pine with minty sweet fruit. This is a classic pinene profile. On the exhale it shifts slightly into a concoction of herby but sweet pine. The aroma of the exhaled vapor is mellow with notes that are tangy, sweet and herby.

Versatile Island Style Relief Day Or Night
The mellow yet slightly energizing medicinal effects of Columbian Mojito are strikingly reminiscent of the healing vibe that so many tranquil tropical locations are famous for. In the islands there are less concerns, yet you’ll feel uplifted with a hint of energy.

All of the above is to say that one of this strain’s properties is being able to help lighten your cerebral burden, washing away stress and anxiety as if with a gentle rain. Even PTSD sufferers will find sanctuary in the euphoria that kicks in after 15 to 20 minutes.

Shortly after this, the hint of physical energy shifts slightly into a mild muscle-loosening massage. These physical effects are what numerous sufferers of chronic pain and headaches seek this strain out for. The relief from physical symptoms combined with the above euphoria have even proven powerful in combating nausea of cancer patients.

All the above effects are available to you day or night in a form that includes enough of a gentle boost in energy so it won’t slow you down yet will still allow you to be relaxed in time for bed. This same energy, combined with the mood adjusting effects, can help provide you a temporary vacation from depression.

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  • Chill – Indica, Cruise – Hybrid, Hype – Sativa


  • Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Sleep

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