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Strawnana Exotic Vape Cartridge

The cannabis strain called Strawberry Banana or Strawnana for short, gets its name from the heavy scent it produces that’s mostly of tropical bananas, coupled with undertones of sweet berries and earth. Its taste isn’t much different and reminds most consumers of eating tropical yogurt on the exhale. The nugs of Strawnana will be covered in a thick layer of trichomes that give it a frosted appearance when cultivated properly. You’ll see it has a multitude of golden pistils winding throughout its flowers.

I say vengeance, because I suffer with nausea problems, and too high a munchie factor can sometimes increase my nausea by kicking my stomach into overdrive. This is one of those strains. It would be great for someone who has appetite problems but doesn’t deal with nausea issues. The kush effects kicked in after a snack and made me really sleepily and thick brained but really relaxed for about an hour. I was able to power through the grogginess and brain fog and am writing this review on the other side. Overall, this strain has several outstanding qualities. This smell and the favor alone make this a stand out. I recommend this strain if you want intense munchies, but you might want to get the munchies out first as there was a longish cough lock phase as well. No anxiety or paranoia for me with this strain. About a two hour migrating overall effect. Relaxing for both mind and body. I will definitely get this strain again when I can.  This strain is labeled Strawberry Banana vape flavor and is reported to be a Banana Kush/Bubblegum cross.

WHO SELLS STRAWNANA EXOTIC VAPE, In recent years, vaping has come on strong – especially in the form of cannabis vape cartridges. Consumer demand is on the rise while tech advancements seemingly come about all the time. In just a few years, vaping weed has gone from a fringe consumption method to the mainstream. The wide world of vape pens and cartridges are only going to get wider in the years to come. In major and developing markets, innovative cartridges and brands are on the rise. Here are some of the top names in major markets. Due to the growing demand of our marijuana products, similar to Dank Vapes, we have grown to encompass countries like the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with our deliveries.

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